1993 – production of Glukavamorin enzyme preparation is launched at the plant of enzyme preparations located in Lyakhovichi Raion of Brest Oblast. Glukavamorin is used as a catalyst for the technological process in the alcohol industry.

1997 – the Government of the Republic of Belarus decides on the development of a technology for microbial synthesis of enzymes for livestock farming. The customer is Belptitseprom. Technology development is entrusted to Republican Unitary Production Enterprise Belmedpreparaty (Belpharm concern).

1998 – the first trial batch of enzymes for livestock farming is produced. High-yield fungal Trichoderma reesei strain – an active producer of cellulase, xylanase and β-glucanase – which was supplied by Arsenal Golgi, as well as a high-yield Bacillus Subtilis-94L strain supplied by the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus – an active producer of α-amylase and β-glucanase – are used in production.

1998 – the birth of the FEKORD trade mark. Several versions of preparations are produced – Fekord-U, Fekord-Ya and Fekord-YaP.

2002 – establishment of OOO Ferment on the basis of an existing production facility located in Brest Oblast.

2003 – development of two FEKORD multi-enzyme complexes in liquid and dry form – FEKORD-2004 and FEKORD-2004-S. FEKORD additives are used by such companies as Dzerzhinskaya Broiler Poultry Farm, Loshnitsa Pig Farm, Novobelitsk Bread Plant.

2004 – production of GUMOVET veterinary preparation is commenced.

2010 – change of management of OOO Ferment. A significant improvement in the composition and quality of FEKORD complexes takes place according to the latest world experience of that time. The development of preparations based on phytase – FITAZIM – has been started. At the same time, super-concentrates are being developed. The technology for the production of OKSIGUMAT plant growth regulator has been acquired.

2012 – production of new-generation highly effective enzymatic feed additives FEKORD-2012-S, FEKORD-2012-F and FITAZIM-S.

2012 – registration of FEKORD enzyme preparations in the Customs Union. Inclusion of OOO Ferment in the register of producers of the Customs Union. The international activity of the enterprise begins.

2013 – establishment of ZAO Torgoviy Dom Ferment as a trading company for the sale of products of OOO Ferment in external and internal markets.

2014 – production of FEKORD-Concentrate enzyme preparations in 8 versions; development and testing of DIATOKS antidiarrheal enzyme feed additive.

2015 – production of FEKORD-2015-B feed additive with mannanase.

2016 – FEKORD-2012 enzyme feed additives awarded GRAND PRIX at the IX International Competition "Innovations in the Feed Industry".

2016 – new strains for the production of probiotics have been deposited.

2016 – production and roll-out of DIATOKS-Ultra and DIATOKS-Plus adsorbents of mycotoxins.

2016 – development of a series of enzyme preparations for industrial use – LIPROSIM, AMILZIM, PROTEAZIM, CATALAZIM. The preparations have been successfully tested in the leather, fur, textile industry, as well as in water treatment processes and production of synthetic detergents.

2016 – development of a technology for low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis with the use of KERATAZIM enzyme complex for complete processing of poultry slaughter waste with the manufacture of high-quality protein fodder.

2017 – DIATOKS enzyme feed additive awarded GRAND PRIX at the X International Competition "Innovations in the Feed Industry".

2017 – the last stage of re-equipment and reconstruction of production facilities is commenced. An international food safety management system has been implemented.

2017 – HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP+ international certificates have been obtained.