• OOO FERMENT plant of enzyme preparations, Brest Oblast, Republic of Belarus
  • ZAO Torgoviy Dom Ferment


  • Production of enzyme preparations for:
    • Livestock, poultry, fur and fish farming;
    • Leather and fur industries;
    • Food Industry;
    • Textile industry;
    • Pulp and paper industry;
    • Synthetic cleaning agents and detergents;
    • Water conditioning and purification;
    • Technologies for the processing of meat-and-bone and feather waste from poultry slaughter.
  • Production of microbiological synthesis products
  • Manufacture of veterinary and preventive preparations
  • Production of mycotoxin sorbents
  • Production of amino acids and vitamins for animals and birds
  • Production of probiotics
  • Production of mineral-and-organic fertilizers
  • Scientific activities:
  • Development of new enzyme and preventive preparations;
  • Conducting scientific conferences, seminars.
  • Sales of products of biochemical industry and products of microbiological synthesis.


The structure of the enterprise includes:

  • Scientific and production laboratory
  • Scientific and consulting department
  • Advanced development department
  • Sales department


Since 2004, OOO Ferment plant has been actively engaged in the production of products for various branches of agriculture. Formerly created to address then-current microbiological issues in our country, today it carries on the development and production of preparations based on biochemical synthesis.

In cooperation with the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on Animal Husbandry", FEKORD 2004 enzyme feed additive has been developed and is being produced. It boasts high efficiency and surpasses foreign analogues in certain aspects. In recent years, our company has established the production of enzyme complexes in more than 25 variations: FEKORD-2004-S (4 groups), FEKORD 2004 Liquid, FEKORD 2012-S (2 groups), FEKORD-2012-F (2 groups), FEKORD-Concentrate (8 compositions), FITAZIM-S (3 groups), FITAZIM Liquid, DIATOKS antidiarrhoeal enzyme feed additive (3 groups).

In addition, our company offers feed additives for delivery at the customer's request, and we are the only company in the Republic of Belarus that has its own production base for the manufacture of enzyme feed additives based on customer requirements.

In cooperation with the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine named after S.N. Vyshelessky of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus", GUMOVET preparation has been developed and is being produced. It possesses immunostimulating, hepatoprotective, antiviral, interferonogenic and growth-stimulating properties.

Currently, our product line features a whole range of additives for livestock and poultry farming – amino acids, vitamins, mycotoxin sorbents, probiotics.

Over the recent years, enzyme preparations for leather, fur, textile, pulp and paper industries, as well as preparations for the manufacture of synthetic cleaning agents and detergents have been developed and produced.

In cooperation with State Scientific Institution "Institute for Nature Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus", OKSIGUMAT environmentally safe plant growth regulator has been developed and is being produced. Its application ensures an increase in germination energy and germinating ability of seeds, intensifies plant growth and development, increases immunity of plants and provides for a reduction in their morbidity, as well as a 10 to 40% yield increase.

An international food safety management system has been implemented at the enterprise. Production facilities are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, and also according to the GMP+ B1 international standard.